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The Germanic Revien
Abenteuer seines Lebens'’ and originally belonging to the
Anatol series. This was given together with three other one-act
plays in the Volkstheater in Rudolfsheim by the pupils of
Professor Leo Friedrich, who conducted a school for actors.
Specht“ relates the amusing incident that this performance
was due to a misunderstanding on the part of Professor Friedrich,
who was under the impression that the author of the play was
Schnitzler’s father, his friend, the famous professor. The
printed program merely gives February, 1801, as the date and
lists the following cast:
Anatol Hr. Hartner
Max. H. Baumann
Gabriele Frl. v. Schröderer
Cora Frl. Meißner.
The performance was repeated on Wednesday, May 13, 1801,
in the“ K. k. priv. Theater in der Josefstadt'’ with the same
cast, except that the part of Gabriele was now taken by Frl.
Ranzoni. There were no further productions of this play.
It will be recalled that in" Die Frage an das Schicksal''
Anatol has a mistress named Cora, and that in the second
scene Weihnachtseinkäufe? he meets a married woman,
Gabriele, who deplores her inability to yield to her erotic
desires. In Das Abenteuer seines Lebens Gabriele vow
plucks up her courage and calls on Anatol, but unfortunately
she arrives just at the moment when Anatol is having a jolly
supper with Cora and a friend. Both women now rise up in
arms against Anatol and he is forced to seek the adventure
of his life in new love. The newspaper reviews of this amusing
trifle were almost uniformly favorable. 5
In 1801 Schnitzler became a contributor to the Moderne
2 Op. cit., 10f.
5 Cf. the following excerpts: “eine Arbeit literarischen Feingehalts“; “geist¬
reich dramatisiertes Feuilleton“;" frischer Humor, gewandter Dialog''; Handlung
und Sprache haben einen Zug ins Originelle“'; “ hübsche Causerie''; Charakter¬
zeichnung ist meisterhaft zu nennen'';" feiner, mit Grazie und Witz durchgeführter
Einfall eines eigenartigen Talents. The Deutsche Zeitung, however, which through¬
out Schnitzler’s later career m. de it a definite policy to heap abuse upon him at
every opportunity, calls it“ ein mit wenig Witz und viel Behagen dramatisiertes